Cloth doll Scarlet
Cloth doll Scarlet
Category :Cloth doll
Section :Fiorenza Biancheri cloth dolls
Limited edition:00AK world-wide
Height: 19"50 cm
Price:399,00 $

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Cloth doll Scarlet

Scarlet is an OOAK, one-of-a-kind doll entirely handmade; she's made of high quality Swiss knit cotton fabric, stuffed with anallergic filling material.

She has a beautiful syntethic wig, handpainted face with acrylic paint and chalk; buttons jointed limbs and knees.

She has a wire armature in her hands so you can bend them.

She wear a beautiful HANDMADE outfit , socks and leather shoes. Clothing and shoes are removable.

Cloth doll from Fiorenza Biancheri.

Italian cloth doll.


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