BJD doll Sierra
BJD doll Sierra
Category :BJD Doll
Section :Judy Porter BJD Dolls
Limited edition:00AK world-wide
Height: 15"38 cm
Price:845,00 $

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BJD resin doll Sierra

BJD doll Sierra

The doll pictured here is Sierra, Doty Award Winning doll in dark skin.

Sierra is 15 inches tall. Glass eyes.

Handmade special order wig.

Her outfit is a one of a kind never to be repeated.

There were only two dark skinned Sierra's made

This is the last one. Judy dosn't plan to have anymore cast.

She is ball jointed. Boots are included.

The doll Sierra come with certificate.

This BJD collectible doll Judy Porter is only one, 00AK doll and she is for sale only by us no place other.

Made in USA.


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