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Shipping and Other Conditions

I. Introductory Provisions

These Commercial Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to any purchase in our online shop www.soniasdolls.com . The conditions further specify the rights and obligations of the Seller and his customers (Buyers).

II. Order and Purchase Contract

Any orders made in our online shop shall be considered binding. By sending the order the Buyer confirms that he learnt the Commercial Terms and Conditions and the Claims Rules and he agrees with them. The order is a draft purchase contract. The purchase contract becomes effective at the moment of acceptance of ordered goods by the Buyer. The electronic order becomes valid upon the completion of all data required in the registration form and approval of the content of the order.

The place of delivery of the goods is the address specified by the Buyer in the registration form. The ownership right to the goods is transferred to the Buyer - under the condition of purchase price payment - at the moment of goods acceptance. By completing the registration form and sending the binding order in the online shop the Buyer agrees that the Seller may gather and archive the personal data on the Buyer and his purchases.

III. Payment Terms and Conditions, Delivery Deadlines and Transportation Cost

Unless specified otherwise in the description of the delivered product, all goods on stock are sent no later than on month working days after the receipt of the order and its payment (by postal order or bank transfer). In case of orders from abroad the shipping deadline can be extended to three month and half considering the length of customs clearance. We reserve the right to extend the shipping deadline if the goods are not on stock or in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

IV. Claims

Any potential claims shall be handled in line with the Claims Rules of the online shop or legal rules applicable in the Czech Republic. The claims rules shall be an integral part of these Commercial Terms and Conditions.

V. Final Provisions

These Commercial Terms and Conditions shall be valid in the wording presented on the web pages of the Seller on the day when the Buyer sends out the electronic order. By sending the electronic order the Buyer fully accepts any and all provisions of the Commercial Terms and Conditions, as amended, on the day of sending the order and he accepts the valid price of the ordered goods (including the postage and packaging cost) specified on the web pages of the online shop unless agreed otherwise. The Buyer is bound by the order (draft purchase contract). The parties explicitly agreed in line with Section 262(1) of Commercial Code that their rights and obligations shall be governed by the Commercial Code, especially by provisions of Section 409 et seq., unless agreed otherwise in the Commercial Terms and Conditions.

Payment by Postal Order

The customer pays for the selected goods by postal order. The payment includes the packaging cost, postage and insurance.

Payment in advance (payment by the bank transfer or by cash deposit on our account). Should the customer choose the payment in advance, he would receive our account number and the variable symbol (order number) in a copy of the order sent by e-mail. These data are necessary for the payment identification.

After that the customer shall transfer or deposit the amount specified in the order (proforma invoice) on the given account. The amount includes the handling fee, postage and insurance. The goods is shipped immediately after the payment is matched within the deadline specified in the Commercial Terms and Conditions. We expect the customer will send the required amount to our account without any delay. Should the payment fails to be deposited on our account within five business days of the order receipt, we would send an e-mail to the customer with the request for information how to proceed with his order. The answer to this message is expected within five business days. In his response the customer can ask us for the reservation of the goods. In such a case the customer shall pay 25 % advance within five business days of our e-mail response. The goods will be reserved until the whole amount is paid, but no later than for 60 days of the advance payment.

Sending the Goods Abroad

In case of sending the goods abroad the packaging, postage and insurance pay custommers!!!

Claims Rules

The Buyer shall check the goods delivered by the Seller without unreasonable delay. In case of any defects the Buyer shall inform the Seller about these defects by e-mail or in writing no later than within three days of the goods acceptance.

Should the defect occur on the goods delivered by the online shop, the Buyer can file the claim by e-mail or in writing. The written claim of defects shall be sent to the Seller’s address:

E-mail: svetpanenek@firemni.cz

The claim of defects shall contain: the Buyer’s name, the order number, the detailed description of the defect and the description of how the defect occurred.

Within three working days after receipt of the claim pursuant to paragraph 1 and 2 hereof the Seller shall inform the Buyer on next steps depending on the type of goods. The Seller shall identify the place where the Buyer should deliver the defected goods. For successful handling of the claim the Buyer shall present the document on the goods payment! Depending on the kind of defects and under the conditions resulting from the generally binding legal regulations, especially Law No. 40/1064 Coll., Civil Code, and Law No. 513/1991 Coll., Commercial Code, as amended, the Buyer can require the goods to be repaired or replaced by new goods or he can withdraw from the purchase contract and require the return of the purchase price.

The Seller does not accept any liability for damages resulting from the product operations, functional features and damages caused by unprofessional use of the products or damages caused by force majeure and wrong handling. No guarantee shall apply to the defects of this kind.

Payment of Postage in Case of Goods Replacement or Claim

Should the customer decide to return the goods for replacement or to claim damages, he shall cover the postage cost for shipping the goods to us. The postage for shipping the replaced or repaired goods after the claims handling shall be paid by the online shop. Should the customer receive the wrong goods and return them for the replacement, the postage shall be paid by the online shop to the customer in cash (together with the replaced goods) or by postal order.

NOTE: The returned goods (for claims handling, replacement etc.) shall not be sent COD! We reserve the right not to accept the consignments from the customers sent COD!!


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