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How you order and buy our dolls?

All displayed dolls can be ordered via email svetpanenek@firemni.cz Also, you can order products in our online store.

Internet shopping

The registration and login of already registered customers is a necessary condition for goods

ordering in our online shop. The obligatory entering of data applies to the name, surname and contact address required for the order processing. Without the login you can freely move in the online shop, select the goods and put them into the shopping basket, modify the amount of goods in the basket etc. If you want to buy the selected goods, the system invites you to register.

Registration customers

On the right hand side just above the selection of language version you will find the Registration sign. After clicking on it the registration form opens. Fill in the data required for the order processing (printed in bold), such as your name, address and the telephone number that would serve for communication with you. Finally select your user name and password for login.

Customer’s Login.

On the right hand side you will find the fields to fill in the name and the password. After clicking on Login your name will be appear under these fields.

How to make a purchase.

In the shop you can go through different categories of offered products and view the displayed goods. The categories of goods are accessible from the left hand menu and you can select the name of authors in individual collections. After clicking on the specific collection, you will see the list of dolls. By clicking on the picture you will see the enlarged image in a separate window. By clicking on the icon Details, you will get more information about the doll in a separate window.

By clicking on Add to the Basket, you add the doll to your shopping basket and you can change their number by writing the required amount to the field on the left. The amount of selected goods can be also adjusted later directly in the shopping basket. The total price of the selected goods is shown under the menu toolbar. The system automatically displays the content of your basket if you click on the Shopping Basket. The number of pieces of the ordered goods can be changed by entering a new required number and clicking on Change the Amount.

The basket can be cleared by clicking on Delete. If your are happy with your purchase and you do not want to change the content of the basket, you can send the order by clicking on Proceed to Checkout. Before sending the order you have to login. You can do it any time during the purchasing process. When you are sending the order, select the payment method or tick Invoice in case you require the tax document. In any case check the address to which the goods is to be sent. Now you can send the binding order. By sending the order your purchase is finished. After sending the order, you will be thanked for the purchase. Then you can logout. You will receive the goods and pay for it by the method you selected in the form when you sent out the order. If you have any questions, requests or comments, feel free to contact us by email svetpanenek@firemni.cz

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