Judy Porter BJD Dolls  

Judy Porter BJD dolls

Judy Porter BJD Dolls

Judy Porter BJD dolls for collectors. Judy Porter doll Sierra, Natalie, Maddie, Lizzie. Judy Porter BJD dolls for sale. Judy Porter BJD collectible dolls. Judy Porter has been a caricature artist for 25 years and was recently introduced to sculpting in polymer clay. Now she is able to take her art to a new 3D level and is able to create one of a kind, handmade collectible dolls. Doll making requires many skills, most importantly, is the ability to make a likeness of the human form, painting, wigging, sewing and designing. Doll sculpting is the culmination of all the art forms that Judy loves. Now as a doll maker she is able to share that with you. Each doll is a one of a kind work of art. Please check back often as new works will be added. Judy's newest project is ball-jointed dolls. These are much more complex and cast in resin so therefore are more durable making it fun for older children and grown ups who still love dolls. Judy Porter dolls for sale. The dolls come with certificate.





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BJD doll Lizzie BJD doll Lizzie  
519,00 $
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BJD doll Maddie BJD doll Maddie  

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BJD doll Natalie BJD doll Natalie  
695,00 $
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BJD doll Sierra BJD doll Sierra  
845,00 $
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