ART DOLLS 2003-2013-2018  

The first Czech internet gallery shop of Art Dolls Gallery 2003-2013-2018


ART DOLLS 2003-2013-2018

Art dolls, online shopping  on our websites www.soniasdolls.com celebrated 15 th anniversary of our business on Internet shop collectible dolls from around the world. We also offer one of kind antique reproduction porcelain dolls. We also have gorgeous dolls, luxury dolls, decorative dolls, art dolls, new dolls, old dolls, black dolls, collectable dolls, antique dolls, modern dolls, vinyl dolls, hartvinyl, silicon dolls, silicon-vinyl, resin dolls, garb dolls, marionette dolls, reborn dolls, realistic dolls, little dolls, large dolls, big dolls. Online shopping  sale polymer clay dolls, nostalgic dolls, romantic dolls, unique dolls, prams for dolls, coach dolls pram, most expensive dolls, easy dolls, red dolls, textile dolls with teddy bear made by the best creative artists from all the world. We have one of a kind antique reproduction Connie Drake. The porcelain dolls from artist Hildegard Günzel, Marlies Theillout, Susan Lippl, Jan McLean, Monika Peter Leicht, Zawieruszynski, Rustie. Resin dolls Heloise, Gregg Ortiz. BJD dolls Kimberly Lasher, Berdine Creedy, Lorella Falconi, Judy Porter. Vinyl dolls Maja Bill, Angela Sutter, Gerlinde Feser, Zwergnase, Zwergnase Junior 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Reborn baby dolls 2016, 2017. The porcelain dolls for sale have Certificate of Authenticity included.


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