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BJD dolls 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. BJD resin dolls today are made of different materials. BJD ball-jointed dolls. BJD doll are a variety of large joints associated to parts of the body can move and rotate. Some dolls have interchangeable wigs, eyes, ears, feet, and it is easy to dress. Asian jointed dolls from the Japanese company Volks, Chinese, Korean articulated dolls are in the market for a long time. The most common material used is resin, but in our offer collectors articulated dolls made ​​of vinyl, wood, porcelain, small. And also the largest and most beautiful collector dolls BJD world by different authors from Germany, USA, Canada, New Zealand etc. Our dolls are articulated usually already full to the drawings. Lorella Falconi BJD dolls, BJD dolls for sale - doll Sparrow, Starling. My Meadow BJD doll Elleki is for sale.Kimberly Lasher BJD doll Zoe is for sale. Zawieruszynski BJD dolls collection 2016, BJD doll Corinne, Marylka, Sherry, Tosia. Berdine Creedy BJD doll Protea 1, Protea 3, Protea 4. Judy Porter BJD Lizzie, Natalie, Sierra, Maddie.


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