Susan Lippl Dolls  

Susan Lippl vinyl dolls

Susan Lippl Dolls

Susan Lippl collectible vinyl dolls

Susan Lippl vinyl dolls

Susan Lippl vinyl dolls for sale

Susan Lippl vinyl doll

There are a few fantasy figures and some dressed sculptures included.

So, if you haven't found that very special present for that special someone, whether anniversary, Christmas, birthday or wedding, try browsing through our dolls.

The vinyl dolls with Certificate of Authenticity.

Susan Lippl dolls for sale.


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Action offer dolls Susan Lippl vinyl dolls 2015 Action offer dolls Susan Lippl vinyl dolls 2015  
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Vinyl doll Betsy Vinyl doll Betsy  
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449,00 $
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Vinyl doll Tabitha Vinyl doll Tabitha  
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