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The first czech internet shop of art dolls in the Czech Republic. We offer beautiful art collectible porcelain dolls. In our webshop we have porcelain dolls, vinyl dolls, resin and antique dolls for sale.



                                       Sonia's collectible dolls

Welcome. The first internet shop sonia's collectible dolls in Czech Republic. www.soniasdolls.com We offer art porcelain dolls for sale. Internet shop collectible dolls artists from around the World: America, Canada, Africa, New Zeland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Holland and Czech. Collectible porcelain dolls that will last for generations.

We also offer one of kind antique reproduction porcelain dolls, gorgeous dolls, luxury dolls, decorative dolls, art dolls, new dolls, old dolls, black dolls, collectable dolls, antique dolls, modern dolls, vinyl dolls, hartvinyl, silicone baby dolls, silicon-vinyl, resin dolls, garb dolls, marionette dolls, reborn dolls, realistic dolls, little dolls, large dolls, big dolls, wooden dolls, nostalgic dolls, romantic dolls, Christmas dolls, dolls for Christmas, unique dolls, special dolls, calender with dolls, prams for dolls, coach dolls pram, most expensive dolls, easy dolls, red dolls, textile dolls with teddy bear made by the best creative artists from all the world. We have one of a kind antique reproduction, modern porcelain and others dolls from artist Hildegard Günzel de, Marlies Theillout de, Jan McLean nz, Monika Peter Leicht de, Zawieruszynski us, Rose Marie Strydom co.za, Romie Strydom co.za, Heloise fr, Susan Lippl de, Mary Benner us, Rustie us, Monika Levenig de, Kimberly Lasher us, Xenis ca, Angela Sutter ch, Marijke van Ooijen nl, Maja Bill ch, Connie Drake ca, Gregg Ortiz u.s., Zwergnase de, Judy Porter u.s., Marina Maslova ru, Elisa Gallea it, Maria Sorace it, Kerstin Foppe de, Selena Saxton au, Sophie Daulon fr, Sandy Faber silicone babies uk, Katie Messou Artist reborn dolls uk, Camilla Craelius rebon doll se, Reva Schick, Tamie Yarie u.s., Elly Knoops nl, Adrie Stoete nl, Linda Muary au, Christy Tiny Sweethearts de. We also have handmade dolls! Visit our website! The porcelain dolls for sale have Certificate of Authenticity included.


My name is Sona Fajmanova and the big love of my childhood, when my parents gave me my first little doll named Hanicka, became a genuine passion of a collector. In 2003, in order to work with what has been true joy and happiness to me for the whole of my life, I started an Internet shop.

I'm lucky that my demanding hobby enjoys full support of my understanding family. Let me share with you the pleasure by inviting you to a display of those amazingly beautiful dolls offered to you on my website.


Your Sona



Every young lady should be in possession of least one magnificent

doll, which would inherit for next generation!

Collector passion for dolls is greatest, outmost and everlasting! (S.F)

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